Being a working mom is never an easy task. You have to multitask every step of the way, to make sure you balance your work life and personal life. In your mission to bring the big bucks home, you might never realize what you are missing; your baby’s first words, your daughter’s first ballet recital or your son’s first baseball game. These are priceless moments that no mother should miss. However, if you have already missed them, now is the time to take steps to ensure you don’t miss any more of those special moments. It is vital that you make quality time for your family so here are some things you can do.

  1. Get your child involved in your hobby

Having a hobby will ease out the stress involved in being a working mom as it will let you stay out of the daily chores and make some time for yourself. However, have you thought of involving your kids in it at times so that you two can bond? Some such hobbies can be painting, gardening, reading or cycling. If you take painting for example, you can arrange for a smaller size canvas for your little one, give her some colors and let her paint her imagine away. You can admire her work at the end so that she feels a sense of achievement too. Make a point to frame a few and hang them in your home, so that you can proudly showcase it to visitors. Arrange a specific time slot every week for painting so that she would always look forward to it and you too need to make it on time. Do not bail on her.

  • Take a picnic basket to the park

Unexpected picnics are the best. You can simply come home early from work, pack some of his favourite food, games and books, make a surprise appearance to pick him up from Little Learners Centre and head down to the local park. He would love the idea of setting up under a tree, eating his favourite food and reading his most loved books out loud with his mom. These little moments you spend with him are what he values the most. Take a long walk, feed the ducks, lie down and watch the sky and talk about his day. He would love nothing more.

  • Take a family vacation

If you’ve never taken a few days off work, now is the time.

You can either plan a summer vacation by yourself or let your kids choose where they would like to go. If you plan on surprising them, Disney World would be one of the best choices.

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