Decorating your son’s or daughter’s bedroom space might look like an easy task but the truth is that it is a really intimidating process. You want the space to be unique and something that your child/children enjoys. Capturing their imagination and putting it into a reality might be hard but with these tips you will definitely create an inspiring space that your child enjoys.


The main element of the room will be the bed. Now, many kids love the idea of loft beds and bunk beds. If the space is for a single child, a kids loft bed singapore can be exciting and very effective. Having such a space will save room for other furniture and you get the added benefit of keeping your child off distraction during study time. If it is a shared space opting for bunk beds will be brilliant.

Art gallery

Kids enjoy drawing and putting an end to it just because it ‘ruins the bedroom’ is definitely a big violation. Letting your child explore his/her creativity and imagination is absolutely crucial. Giving their creations the appreciation it deserves is a great way to uplift them. SO, why not create a specific space in the bedroom to show off their arts and crafts. Have an assortment of frames and let them hang their creations there.


Many parents tend to do the mistake of creating various cartoon wallpapers. Rather than making such a grave mistake why not stick to something simple and more relaxing. The walls of a room is one massive element and needs to be designed perfectly. Sticking to a more simple, pastel, light colour palette makes the room more calm and relaxing. If you want a design or some form of art, opt for a simple pattern. Again, keep it simple and minimalistic and try to decorate the room using other elements.


When it comes to adding certain decorative elements make sure you don’t overdo it. Keep the room simple and achieve your child’s imagination using small and fewer elements. Pillows and cushions can make a great statement, a chalkboard or a nice peg board will come in handy, keep the room more organized using baskets and containers, having a interior plant or two will make it more natural looking. Keeping in mind the things and the items that inspire your child can help you achieve a more useful and productive bedroom. Designing your child’s bedroom can be exciting. However, make sure you opt for the smarter choices.

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