Planning big events is a hectic process. You will be responsible for every little detail of the event and if things go wrong, you might be in a tight position, especially if it is a corporate event. That is why you need to take time and properly plan an event. Once you sit down to list all tasks, you might feel you just simply have to prepare a guest list, set a time and date, book a venue, get some food and voila your job is done. However, once you get to work, you’ll feel the immense pressure of getting things done. So here are some mistakes to avoid hassle.

  1. Not allowing time for setup

As mentioned before, you might realize that there’s actually more to do than what meets the eye. So, start early. Plan every aspect, from the welcome drink to the door gift ideas Singapore at the end. It might take time to find available vendors for the date you request. Also, estimate the set up time for the event. Remember, if you think you can set up in five hours, make it eight just in case since things can pop up and things can go wrong very quickly. The last thing you need is for your workers to be running around even as your first guest enters.

  • Forgetting to confirm vendors

You must’ve booked them months back so it is possible that they have forgotten about your event since they have many other events signed up. It is essential that you take a written confirmation as you book them so that you can refer to it when you contact them 48 hours prior to the event. If you trust them to get there and don’t confirm, you’ll probably have an event with no food or no music. If this is a business event, you need to confirm with your guest speaker as it is very easy for them to schedule other plans by mistake or give an excuse such as that they are not well or has a family commitment. So keep a backup plan in mind if any of the vendors or guests cancels last minute.

  • Overlooking competing events

If there is another big event happening next to you, you might have a problem. It isn’t very wise to go up against an equally sized event in the neighbourhood as it will bring parking problems, noise etc. When you book the venue, make sure there are no other vents happening. Also, if something else is going on, your guests will probably go for it than yours. So eliminate competition by planning wisely.

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