It is vital that your child stays active since a young age as their bodies and minds are growing rapidly. Their physical and mental health in future will be decided by the activities they do now. Physical activity will help in keeping their heart and lungs healthy, become more flexible, develop stronger bone structure, maintain healthy body weight, improve their mood, perform well in academics etc. At present, children are more keen on sitting in front of a computer, playing video games or watching TV which pose a major threat to their health. Hence these are some of the activities you can encourage your child into.

  1. Sports

A sport is a great way to keep your child physically active throughout the week. From basketball, athletics, baseball to swimming and gymnastics, the options are endless so ask your child what he or she would like to join. Sports will not just keep your child fit, but also improve his mental health. It will build his self-esteem when he receives a pat on the back from his coach, giving him a sense of achievement. It will also teach him to work in a team, developing his social skills and helping him to make new friends. Sport is not all about victory but defeat too. It is vital that your child learns to get back up when he is down and there is no better way than sport to learn that. He will also learn to maintain discipline, respect the rules of the game and one another too.

  • Dance

If your child is fond of music and dance, enroll him or her in a dance class. It is not only a good physical activity, but it is also fun. Your little performer would love to get on stage and show their moves to the world. For the more elegant ones, ballet would be an excellent choice. Learn ballet here, find the closest ballet class and enroll your little one now. For the ones with more energy, hip hop would be great. the choice is all your child’s. If they really seem to be picking up off a dance TV show they fondly watch, you can be supportive of him.

  • Martial arts

For the energetic ones, martial arts are the best. You can teach your child self-defense,

which is an important skill nowadays due to the lack of safety around you. Some countries have made it a national policy to train young girls in some kind of martial art, so why not your child? Also, if your child has anger issues, this is a great way to project it, rather than getting into fist fights in school.

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