Is there a new baby that has graced your life? Has your child learned how to walk and crawl around? If this is the case, then you know the struggles that usually befall a parent or caretaker of a baby. This would require you to baby proof your house and furniture, which is obviously easier said than done. Since this child is going to ultimately stick around for at least another sixteen years, you will have to make some permanent changes as well. Read on for a few tips and tricks to make this transition smooth and easy for everyone involved.

Purchase the Right Equipment

There are certain things that you will need to purchase that have to be specific for the purpose. For example, the locks that you buy for your refrigerator and stairway have to be specific to the length of the door handle etc. Therefore, make sure that you have all of the essentials measured adequately so that you can avoid making a mistake. You also have to make sure now that your purchases for furniture, cutlery and plates are break and shock resistant. You can easily find and buy kid friendly melamine tableware Singapore which will benefit you in the long run and will be advantageous if you want to have more children in the future as well.


If you’re wondering where to buy good quality accessories, you can always browse the internet for outlets near your residence or in your country or even those that ship to other countries so you can buy plating, cutlery etc from the same place with the same design and make.


If you want your child’s plates and other equipment to look cheerful and festive in terms of decoration, there are shops online that cater to those needs as well. You will have to browse but you will find many results that you can pick and choose from, at any point.

Hire Professionals

If you have seen homes that have been babyproofed, they will always tell you that they got an outside expert to do it – this is highly recommended, as these people know what to target and how to install all measures to keep your child from hurting him or herself relatively easily. This will also take the task off of your hands and significantly reduce the pressure put on you for being a parent or guardian who has to provide his or her children with ultimate care and safety. The professionals will obviously work for a fee, but that fee is oftentimes quite affordable, and besides, when it comes to your children, going all out is not an expense – it’s an investment!


Your children deserve the best of the best – while that doesn’t mean the most expensive, it does mean the most safe and practical. Make good choices, and know that you always have options!


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