It is seen frequently that the parents decide what the kids should do in their free time, or as gobies. Most parents imagine their kids becoming champions or superstars in an area where they themselves couldn’t excel in. how fair is this to your kid?

Hobbies for an exciting life

It is imperative that the kids have some kind of hobby. With the technological developments many kids are seen to be playing video games, addicted to social media or simply watching TV and internet videos. This has been found out to be very adverse for them; eye sights will deteriorate and they will run out of creative thinking and coming up with solutions for the business problems of tomorrow, when they become professionals. Hence, a constructive way to spend their free time is important. But that doesn’t mean they should be forced to do something they don’t like.

Possible activities

Of course, there are so many, many activities you can do. Sports comes first. If the child prefers, you can direct them to any sports in the field such as team games like football, cricket, rugger or basketball. It will improve their team spirits and enhance leadership qualities. Solo sports such as tennis, badminton is also present; they have a double option where, again the kids will work together as a team to win something. If they are not comfortable with playing in the field, there are chess or similar sports which are indoors and does not need much physical exhaustion. Even gymnastic and ballet like activities are possible. It is important that they prefer it as well as you be with them for it all. Not only watching the game and cheering but also accompanying them to buy pointe shoes for dance like activities should be done with them.

Psychological aspect

As well proven, a hobby, be it a game or anything else such as collecting stickers, stamps, coins etc. or reading, listening to music and so on are a help to your life. There are societies which do these collections together and it is one way for a kid to get to know more people, learn team work and be part of a team; perhaps they will also get the opportunity to lead those teams and activities making giving them a chance to find their natural qualities. Most of all, these things give them a sense of belonging. Even if they are not good at sports, hence, this is an ideal opportunity for them to show their colours in some other way. It is important that they learn it themselves, as well, without being felt alone by “popular kids”.

As world famous Khalil Gibran said, children come through you but not from you. Let them choose their pathways in life, including a hobby they like.

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