It doesn’t matter where a child is, in terms of age or financially, the parents will always be parents for them. This is why the term ‘child’ doesn’t necessary is restricted to under 18 years old. Psychologically speaking, we all are kids in the face of our parents. This is why a parent must understand that what they do effect the kids for a lifetime. When you are doing it all wrong, you will be destructing not only one life but an entire society.

Here are 6 bad parenting habits that you must avoid.

  1. Abusing physically and verbally

There is no doubt that it’s the timely punishments are essential to teach them what’s right and what wrong. But going overboard with anything can destroy a child inside out. When you are constantly scolding them for the tiniest thing, they start to see you as a monster who is not willing to listen to what you have to say, which is catastrophic.

  1. Obvious favoritism

You won’t believe that there are recoded murders in the history that happened solely due to obvious partiality. This could be a very unintentional mistake, but as a responsible parent, you need to make sure that all your kids are loved equally. If one kid is better than the other, don’t disregard them; teach and encourage them to be better. You are the person they look up at to; you shouldn’t let them down.

  1. Constant comparing

You need to realize that not every child is equal. What if Messi and Einstein switched their fields? Wouldn’t they be losers in wrong lines of work? Same thing applies here. Instead, encourage and help them to get professionally better at what they do. That way, they just might balance everything.

  1. Disrespecting them

A child who has been disrespected at their homes are disrespected at schools and eventually they end up not being able to stand up for themselves. This doesn’t mean that you need to be scared of the child but you can always at least oriented to consider their opinions. That’s the best way to make them feel important.

  1. Continuous neglecting

Neglecting a child’s needs and sorrows can kill them both mentally and literally. Just as much as you have your problems, you need to understand that children have their own. They’re growing in a society that is different from your times. Pay attention to them and share good times since that will make them the best in the society.

  1. Setting a bad example

How can you ask a child not to smoke ever, while smoking? Just as contradictory as it sounds, you need to understand that children learn from what they see. Asking them not to do what you’re doing while you’re doing is the sole reason why they would do it one day. Hence, remember to set a great example, always.

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