Spending time with your children and partaking in family activities is a must to raise a family that is loving and well bonded. Rather than forcing your kids to do the same few activities you are used to doing, try to make those usual activities a little unusual with the suggestions we’ve give below.

Camping…with a twist in the location

For many of us, camping with our parents during our childhood is one of our favorite childhood memories. And thanks to this fondness we have for those memories, we don’t hesitate to take our own kids for camping trips. If you’ve already taken them so many times that they now don’t get excited about it, perhaps it’s time for a small twist. Take them camping to a near by mining camp; be that it’s for coal or for gems. Don’t worry about feeding them in this rough setting; even if you’re taking a huge group out there. You can easily arrange for mining catering servicesnowadays.

A beach trip…with a twist in the activity

Beach trips are always a good idea; especially when the weather turns warm in almost an unbearable way. But there’s only so many times you can take your kids to splash around in the water and play in the sand until it get’s boring for them. at this moment, consider stepping it up. Sign them up for children’s scuba diving lessons for a little added fun. Don’t worry; even kids as small as 10 years can learn to scuba dive.

Being a tourist…with a twist in the location

If you like travelling with your kids once-in-a-while, your family might already be used to playing the tourist in what ever city you visit. Whether it’s visiting historic sites, or tasting the local cuisines, your kids are by now very used to doing it all. However, there is perhaps one place they’ve never had to play tourist at; their own hometown. Playing tourist of their own hometown will not only be a different and fun experience for your children, but it will also give you a chance to get them familiar with the spots special to you. This is not to mention the new found appreciation they’ll have for their own city/town after this tour…!

Watch the game…with a twist in how

If your kids love watching the game on TV, then it must be something you do quite often in the comfort of your own home. however, if you want to make it something more interesting than your ordinary weakened activity, take it a step up and take them to watch the game; live. The thrill, the sounds and the energy of your first live game is always something extra special¾so make sure they experience it with you.

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