Most of us would like to see a baby; holding it and playing with it is fun. In the past when a colleague gave birth, we couldn’t wait to visit it; however, now we wait until photos are posted in various social media sites to see how the baby looks like. With time, the customs have changed. Nevertheless, even today, we are obliged to make a trip down to a new mom’s house to see a newborn when a close colleague has a new bundle of joy.

What not to do

Even when we, ourselves, have had babies, sometimes forget what it is like after a baby is born. It is important to not to rush to the hospital; after giving birth, even if it is the first or second time, any woman is in so much pain and discomfort. They may even feel harassed to see a lot of people rushing in. Especially if it is the first time the mother is giving birth, she has to learn a lot about feeding the baby, handling it and more. There is no need for you to hasten in to see the baby, unless you are able to take care of it and let the mother relax a little after a tiresome job.

What to do

Best thing is, to ask. Of course, do not call the mother as she will be in no shape to answer phone calls especially if it is so soon after giving birth. But if you really need to go see the newborn due to some reason, contact the father or someone closer and get permission, or at least let them know you are coming. Taking a gift for the baby is customary, nevertheless, a gift for the mother can also be a good thing. If you are not sure what to buy, you can check the tanks range from peachy mama au. They have different products to suit your budget. Since it won’t be easy to do the cooking, cleaning and whatnot, if you can volunteer with any of that, or bringing something to eat for the new mother can also be useful.

Never visit if…

Remember to never visit if you are carrying a virus. A common occurrence is when smokers visit newborns. Even if you didn’t just have a cigarette, the breath can be harmful to a very young baby. It can also be a nuisance to the mother. Trying to hold the baby when you traveled in the train or bus is also a big no-no. Once you are at their home, expecting hospitality from the busy family falls in to the category of never as well. Commenting on the baby with “helpful” hints is not required by any of the family so you can keep those comments to yourself.

A little person is called a bundle of joy for a reason. Don’t ruin that joy by acting insensitive towards a new mother.

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