As you proceed to your first swimming lesson, you might get excited and come on early. However, ask yourself, what are the essential things to bring in the class? A towel and a swimsuit are some of the obvious must-haves. But there are more things you must bring to make sure that you have the best experience in the swimming pool. Check out the following below:


First, it is important to bring with you your swimwear. Example of these are the trunks, leggings, or swimsuits. Check on the pool management to know their recommended swimwear when swimming. As much as possible, wear close fitting when learning how to swim.  This is also true for babies at baby swimming lessons singapore.

Extra Coins

Some pool owners allow you to bring your bags with you on the poolside. However, there are others which require to leave the bags on the locker that asks for coins. Thus, you need to be prepared for situations like this.

Flip flops or poolside slippers

The flip flops or poolside slippers are often times neglected by adult swimmers. However, if you don’t like going barefoot, or if you are scared of slipping on the poolside, then bring with you some flip flops. This will help you travel from the pool to your room.


Wearing goggles are not essential. However, this one is highly recommended by teachers to adults learning how to swim. Using Goggles in your first swimming lesson can encourage you to learn new techniques. Also, this will help you from protecting your eyes from the chlorinated pool water.

Hair clips, Hairbands, and Hairbrush

For women with longer hair, it is best if you bring hair clips and hair bands with you. This is true if you are planning to plunge the pool without your hair cap. However, you should also bring your hairbrush to fix your hair after swimming.

Robe and Towel

To dry your skin from swimming, a towel is needed. Meanwhile, if you are shy and nervous about walking around the swimming pool with your swimsuit alone, then you can bring with you your robe. With this, you can cover up your body and at the same time keep yourself warm.

Swimming Cap

The swimming caps are useful for swimmers with long hair. This garment can help protect the hair from obstructing the face. Also, it prevents drag in the pool. Thus, swimming becomes easier.


After swimming, you will find that your hair and skin is dry. This is due to the presence of chemicals like chlorine in the water. As such, it is recommended to bring with your shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer on your swimming classes. You can also bring any toiletries of your choice with you.

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