Preparing for your little one’s arrival is exciting but also scary, no matter if it is your first or third born. Preparing the nursery and getting things in place is one of the first things you do before the baby’s arrival. Arranging the closet could be a hassle since you surely must have piled up on clothes, shoes and toys that now lying everywhere in baskets, boxes and bags. So here are some tips in organizing the closet.

  1. Find a place for everything

Each and every item in the baby’s closet has a place and it needs to stay that way. You will have all sorts of stuff such as diapers, clothes, toys, towels, shoes and many more so think through where you will keep each item. The diapers need to be kept in a place within close reach as they are frequently used. The clothes can be hung by baby hangers, the shoes neatly placed in a row on a shelf and the toys will all go in a box. The biggest mistake you might do is placing an item wherever and thinking you’ll find a place to keep it later. But, you never do. It will be there forever and you will never return back to organize these misplaced pieces. Things will be easier if you start off with a plan and also, involve your husband in it too. if he doesn’t know where the stuff are kept, he will be calling you every five minutes the moment you step out of the house.

  • Put things away when you are done using them

This is a common mistake if you are planning on having more kids later on. Hand-me-downs are okay, but of the items are worn out, you got to throw them away. Of course you must have spent months buying these stuff from baby clothing directory or knitted them yourself, but if they got to go, they got to go. However, if the items can be used and you won’t need them right now, pack them neatly away in boxes or baskets and store them safely.

  • Buy bigger boxes

If you buy smaller boxes, once the kids grow up they won’t be adequate to store all their toys and clothes. So buy slightly bigger baskets and boxes so that they can be used later. The larger boxes will be for laundry and toys, medium sized ones for lotions, diapers and soaps, the slightly smaller ones for clothes and blankets. The boxes need to be placed correctly that can be easily accessed or stored away for later.

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