Do you ever wish that you had some time to think to yourself and be alone for a moment or two? If the answer is yes, you don’t have to feel bad because this is exactly how most mothers feel about the fact that they get no time to spend by themselves.

Raising kids is one of the most rewarding and beautiful things but it is also difficult at times because you don’t ever get time to do something of your own and get your work completed throughout the years and months.

If you’re a mom who is tired of having a trail of kids that follow you everywhere you go, we have some great tips and ideas that will keep your tots busy enough for mommy to get some alone time to herself to do something she enjoys every once in a while.

Extra Curricular Activities

Aside from their hours at the nursery or school, you need to introduce your kids into more sports and activities if you want to get some time to yourself. Introducing your kids into more sports will be beneficial for both you and your kids so it is the best way to make something good out  of something that is bad.

Even if it is a daycare dance practice or a school club meeting, you should encourage your kids to participate. This way, everybody goes home with a win because the kids get to socialize and learn more and mom gets to do her own thing for a bit.

Arrange Play Dates

Arranging play dates would mean that you will also have to take care of your friends little one one day but on those days where you badly need the help, you should totally call up your mom friends and see if you can set up a play date for your kids with their kids.

Play dates are a fun way to ensure that your kids are being taken care of and then also find some time for yourself to catch up on your emails and run some errands on the town.

Volunteers For Babysitting

Volunteering for babysitting sounds like something that no one would do but the truth is, all your little cousins that are in high school and middle school look forward to hanging out with your kids and being able to hold them so you can definitely ask one of these girls or boys to come over and take care of the kids while you work.

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