Privacy has become a catch phrase in today’s world. We are glued to some sort of mobile or handheld device all the time, connected to the World Wide Web. In the process, we forget about what the other person might or might not need and drag them also to the social puddle we are in.

How does it affect when you are pregnant?

Social has creeped in to every nook and corner, to everything we do and say. Sometimes people “do” just so that they can show it in some form of social platform. Getting pregnant is a very personal incident. Some may have planned it for a long time and are sad or upset because it didn’t work out. Some may not have planned it at all but now has to face it. Either way, without knowing the reasons and situations behind it, if you try to poke your head in to unwanted places such as other’s personal lives, all you will get is the backlash of a despicable person.

If you are the one…

Consider how you would feel if you are the one in the situation. If you are the one who is pregnant. You may have waited for a long time or decided to go ahead as soon as you get married. Or you simply thought to move in together with your partner and have a baby. It also could be that your partner or you are unable to have children and you have decided to seek help of a surrogate mother or an adoption process. Consider how personal and private these matters are. Would you be happy to reveal these to another? Knowing there are inquisitive eyes and ears everywhere, would you even be comfortable searching for American woman breastfeeding tops in an online store?

Keep a limit to your friendship

Of course, close friends can and will tell each other almost everything. But if you are only an office colleague, you cannot expect to hear all about the next desk’s or next cubicle’s personal details. Remember the limits and do not expect more than what you are willing to say or do; similar to your reluctance to share details about your pregnancy or adoption, another will also feel uncomfortable in sharing details about their fertility treatments or something. Respect their wishes and keep the distance. You don’t have to know everything of another person to be good friends. What you can do is to be helpful should they disclose details and ask for help.

Sharing a happy news such as getting pregnant brings great happiness. But remember that happiness belongs to the parents first and then you can also share in it, not before.

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