Parents will naturally have a list of demands when it comes to locating a nanny for their children. However sometimes what they expect can be too much or they might not really need all the services they hope to get from the nanny in the first place. Therefore knowing the types of caregivers for children that are available and what to expect can really help in getting the person for the job.

If you or your family does not require a person to look after your children on a 24 hour basis or if you only need the sitter for a couple of days a week only then looking for fulltime service providers will obviously not do you any good. Simply looking for nannies also might not provide the ideal candidate. So it is essential that you word your search correctly. In doing so opting to search for part time babysitter singapore or a weekly nanny can show better suitable results.

A non full time nanny

Simply because you are looking for this hired person for a limited time only, does not mean that she should be any less qualified. The nanny that you hire should have all the required qualifications. She might look after the kids only for a few days a week or a few hours every other day, so ideally she should not be working 24/7.

The requirement

The non full time option is becoming popular because most parents find that they only need their services for short intervals or a few days a week only. The option also gives you better financial options for hiring child care as opposed to a fulltime service provider. In most cases this type of nanny becomes very useful when there are many children of different age groups to look after. Often parents can take older children to school or other activities while keeping the other kids at home with the nanny.

The nanny can also be a big help for the mother or father when there is lots to do especially after school or even before bed time. They can also help with kid’s homework and play games and keep them entertained as well.

How to select?

The selecting and hiring process should be similar to if you were hiring a fulltime person, so you must consider the level of experience the person has and do all background checks. This is important because the hired person will join you and your spouse as a third person and will be involved in the lives of your children very much.

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