There are moments in our lives that we just want to take a break just so you could unwind from the real world. Yes, it’s always fun to go out and have a trip somewhere with your friends, it’s never boring, everything just seems so surreal and exciting, but there are days when you just want to be alone. Here’s how I provide myself with the utmost relaxation on days like those.

Finding the perfect spot

Your house or apartment can be a good place to stay in for the weekend but sometimes we just need to breathe clean air and not enclosed by any walls. To me, the best place will always be where there’s no traffic, no cellphone reception, and with little to no people and all you have is that perfect view with the night sky, city lights, or just the green and natural environment mother earth provided to us or just any place that suits your preference, really, so long as you find yourself sitting comfortable and in deep tranquility.

Get yourself your comfort food

I’m not saying you should get yourself completely drunk, like black out drunk and start calling your ex or anything, but having that added boost from the beer just makes you loosen up and relaxes you through the night.One of the best combos for your beer is that recovery food that you always crave for that justs makes you feel completely satisfied whether it’s healthy or just another meal for a cheat day, be sure to get it!

Music completes everything

Always make sure you brought your earphones with you, and one of the best ones are those that are true wireless that you could just link to your mobile phone with ease. Every one enjoys listening to music, it’s good for the soul. Just listening to that crisp sound quality that you hear is just brightens up everything no matter how hard your week, your month, or your year has been.

Make a list of you goals

This is not to put pressure on you, but rather take this a motivation to do better so you could constantly improve yourself, making yourself stronger, wiser, and better than you ever though you could. This becomes satisfying knowing that some of the goals you’ve listed down have already been achieved, and thus inspires you to continue on and go even further just so you could reach other goals.

Life is a series of ups and downs, and with ever episode, you are able to learn valuable lessons. It’s nice to pamper and take care of yourself once in a while, after all, we are only human.




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