Tips for Organizing Baby’s Closet

Preparing for your little one’s arrival is exciting but also scary, no matter if it is your first or third born. Preparing the nursery and getting things in place is one of the first things you do before the baby’s arrival. Arranging the closet could […]

Visiting your colleague’s new born baby

Most of us would like to see a baby; holding it and playing with it is fun. In the past when a colleague gave birth, we couldn’t wait to visit it; however, now we wait until photos are posted in various social media sites to […]

How To Plan a Children’s Tea Party

Something that many young children love to do is throw tea parties. More often than not the guests at these parties would be their stuffed toys and dolls. Some parents may even take the time of their schedules to play tea parties with their children. […]

Privacy during pregnancy in a selfie world

Privacy has become a catch phrase in today’s world. We are glued to some sort of mobile or handheld device all the time, connected to the World Wide Web. In the process, we forget about what the other person might or might not need and […]

Are you picking the hobby for your child?

It is seen frequently that the parents decide what the kids should do in their free time, or as gobies. Most parents imagine their kids becoming champions or superstars in an area where they themselves couldn’t excel in. how fair is this to your kid? […]

Facilitate your child’s growth

Parenthood is one of the most precious feelings someone could feel in their life apart from finding true love. Most people in the midst of preparing themselves for the hurdles that they have to cross as parents forget to enjoy the little moments. It is […]

Best Physical Activities for Children

It is vital that your child stays active since a young age as their bodies and minds are growing rapidly. Their physical and mental health in future will be decided by the activities they do now. Physical activity will help in keeping their heart and […]

Setting up a bedroom

If you wish your child to grow in his or her own room, it is always advisable to create an atmosphere to suit his or her group. There are different ways you can set up their room. You can set it up by getting inspired […]

How to choose a pre-school for your child

Finding a nursery can be a bit hard. Since you have to make sure that the school has the perfect environment for your child to grow and move around. Apart from that you also need to find whether the school has teachers who are well […]

Top Things To Bring In Your First Swimming Lesson

As you proceed to your first swimming lesson, you might get excited and come on early. However, ask yourself, what are the essential things to bring in the class? A towel and a swimsuit are some of the obvious must-haves. But there are more things […]

Reason why Arts is important to kids

Just like any other subjects at school, Art plays a huge role too. Since it brings the best out of a kid and his/ her creativity as well. Art makes Kids think beyond and create something new. They will be able to play with colors […]

Things To Know When Meeting a Newborn

It is an exciting prospect to have a pregnant friend. That is because no matter how many times you have seen it see a person growing a baby is amazing. But we know that you would be completely overjoyed when your friend goes into labour. […]

Tips for decorating your child’s bedroom

Decorating your son’s or daughter’s bedroom space might look like an easy task but the truth is that it is a really intimidating process. You want the space to be unique and something that your child/children enjoys. Capturing their imagination and putting it into a […]

Steps to find the best baby sitter

Looking after your baby, especially if you are a working mom, it can get hard. Since you will have to juggle between doing your job and looking after your baby as well. However, most of the working parents prefer having baby sitters, especially if they […]

3 Healthy Habits To Teach Your Kids

When kids are young, they are like a sponge and they absorb and take in whatever they see and observe around them and this is one of the reasons why teaching your kids important and healthy habits at a young age is very important and […]

Tips For Keeping Your Kids Busy

Do you ever wish that you had some time to think to yourself and be alone for a moment or two? If the answer is yes, you don’t have to feel bad because this is exactly how most mothers feel about the fact that they […]

Best Superhero films of all time

As kids and as well as adults we all have loved cartoon characters and as well superheroes. I mean who wouldn’t? For the past few years there have been whole loads of superheroes being introduce to the world and the movies are beyond amazing and […]

How to Care for Your Elders

You know them to be the caretakers of your childhood. They watched over you, fed you, clothed you and were an integral part of who you are today. These people may be your elderly parents, relatives or a guardian. They are near and dear to […]