As kids and as well as adults we all have loved cartoon characters and as well superheroes. I mean who wouldn’t? For the past few years there have been whole loads of superheroes being introduce to the world and the movies are beyond amazing and rated the best. DC & Marvel has been playing a huge role in releasing new superheroes to the world. And we cannot wait for more. Below are some of the best superhero movies of all time that we all enjoyed watching with friends and family.

The Avengers

As you all may know The Avengers is one of the best movies of all time back then in 2012. It’s basically a comic from the Marvel & DC universe. The avengers belongs to the marvel comics. It’s basically a Fantasy an science fiction movie with literally all your favorite superheroes in one whole big movie.  However it was also rated as a super cool movie back then and it still happens to be the best even after all these years.

The Dark Knight

Who will not know Batman? It’s one of the coolest movies that was released in 2008, which was long ago. It’s basically a Drama mixed with whole loads of thrilling experience. Even though certain crowd did not enjoy it but, the movie was basically liked and loved by almost everyone.  You might even come across DC comics and you can even buy the DC and marvel comic books if you are not a movie person. However The Dark Knight belongs to the DC Comics.

Iron Man

Best movie of all time. Literally every child and adult loved the movie so much. Iron man was one of the most popular superhero of all time and even came for The Avengers movies as the lead. Iron man belongs to the Marvel comic. Iron man was first release in 2008 and was a hit back then and was rated 93% in rotten tomatoes. The movies is basically a science fiction and a thriller both.

Guardians of the Galaxy

A mix of superheroes I might say and a different story this time. This movie was first released in 2014 and had a good respond from almost every age group. The movie is basically a Science fiction and a fantasy as well. You will come across 5 different character’s that will entertain you through out with humor. The whole team basically belongs to the Marvel.

Black Panther

Newest addition to the Marvel family and was released in 2018 and was enjoyed by everyone.  Its basically a Fantasy and science fiction movie and a lot of graphics. However the movie was a success too.

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