It’s almost an inevitable universal problem, the fact that kids are spending more time hooked on to smart devices rather than interacting with friends and family. And the worst part? We can’t seem to help it. Because having them eat broccoli and beans is much more convenient with a promise of their favourite cartoon for an hour or two rather than begging them to finish their plate with their cry faces. Even if we do know the dangerous consequences, we still don’t take heed because we really don’t have an alternative solution. Here’s few ways to stop your kids from turning into smartphone zombies.

Be a Good Example.

The first thing you need to realize is that it’s not only the genes you pass on to your kids, but your habits too. From how things are done to how things are not, kids learn almost everything from adults. So you need to set a good example and practice what you preach. Tempting as it is, refrain from checking work mails, or scrolling through you Facebook page when you’re spending time with kids. If you want your kids to know that viewing the screen for a long time is not an acceptable behaviour, then you have to first suit your actions to your words.

Keep Them Busy.

When kids have other things to do, they tend to not get overly addicted to their mobile. For example, instead of handing them a phone for their next birthday, focus on their passion and other things they love and gift them their favourite guitar or a gift box of novels.  Enrol them in a kids gym or sign them up for dance classes. Make sure they don’t get bored out of their skull after restricting their hours on games and videos. Simply hijacking their devices will only frustrate them if they have nothing interesting to d

Set Rules.

When kids get older they tend to turn a deaf ear every time you give them a warning or scold them. But that doesn’t mean you can be oblivious to their phone usage too. In fact, as a parent it’s your property and you need to have set restrictions on how much time they spend gluing their eyes to screens. Make dinner time and study time a no phone zone. And of course, you might want to take them out than give them tech induced devices. “As a parent, you’re in charge of setting common sense limits, just like you do for driving, drugs and alcohol.” Says Jamison Monroe, founder of Newport Academy.

Talk To Them. According to a survey, youngsters who spend five hours daily on electronic devices are 71 percent more probable to have suicidal hazard factors than those who spend one hour a day. Isn’t it time you wire them out from these wireless devices? Talk to them about the consequences and make them understand that it’s for their own benefit. Make them aware about the harmful effects to health using videos and charts. They need to believe that engaging with a tablet for hours will end up with them having tablets to save their lives!

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