You could be a mother, a father or the other child of the family, when a baby comes home, the situation changes upside down. The most difficult that comes after for everyone in the family is to bond with the child. It truly is difficulty, but once you do what needs to be done, you will see how necessary things fall into the right places. That’s how you will be the child’s favorite human.

Here are 5 ways to connect with a new baby

  1. Pay all the attention to the baby

Just as much as any person who needs love and affection, you need to make sure that you give all the attention that you can. This is indirectly saying that you shouldn’t be out their sight for too long during the day. Since the mother will be with the child all the time, you might want to allocate your slot by being seen by them.

  1. Pretend to understand what they try to say

It has been scientifically proven that pretending to understand what children say helps them to talk faster. The mechanism behind this is such that, when they understand that you understand they, they want to elaborate things even more. That way, you will be the first person that they’d speak to.

  1. Develop and repeat the things how they like it

It could be a song, a dance move, the way you carry them, the way you tickle them… whatever it was, invest something that is unique to the two of you and then keep repeating it. That way, you will develop an early psychological body that will last for years to come. On the top of that, it even helps their brains to understand and remember certain specific things from the early childhood.

  1. Sleep with them

If you can’t sleep with them since the mother is sleeping with them, you can try sleeping near them. When the kids see you for most of the time of the day, their memory captures your face. That way, they will identify and prefer you amongst a group of people. Boding cannot get any better.

  1. Play as much as you can

Who doesn’t like to play? Even as adults, we have our own versions of playing games via technology. Playing with a kid is an amazing way to bond with them. You can have fun and make them laugh, and you know who kids like the most? The ones who can make them laugh. Hence, allocate a day if you have to, playing with kids will be the easiest way to bond, period.

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